At Newco we’re specialized in tailored digital ticketing solutions. When it comes down to ticketing, we’re a jack-of-all-trades who’s able to guide and support you all the way in order to bring your event to a successful ending.

Thanks to several of our partnerships and our own variety of products we are able to foresee in practically any need our customer has in all fields (including ticketing, e-ticketing, safety measurements & scanning). Apart from our elaborate knowhow we can also foresee in both software (systems & programs) and hardware (scanners, cash desks, …) to back up your event.

Despite adaptability being our foremost strength, we also try to keep our own identity by carrying out our underneath described values.


Willingness to help

Our helpdesk is 24/7 at your disposal for operational support of your event. Furthermore, we always have an IT-specialist standby to fix technical issues asap.

On request, one of our operators can even be at your disposal onsite. In this way, we can handle fast and accurate in any situation and limit your organizational issues to a minimum.


All our helpdesk operators are more than sufficiently familiar with our products so they can answer your questions fluently and solve potential problems accurately.

Furthermore their commercial feeling enables them to give short formations to your employees in live sessions or through E-learnings to make them familiar with our user-friendly tools.


For several years we’ve been working with big organizations in sports & fairs industry for which we’ve organized several mass-events. Thanks to these elaborate experiences our helpdesk operators know how to function in stressful situations and are able to take the (sometimes crucial) right decisions that can lead your event to success.


If you want to check our references please feel free to take a look at the “Partners”-section and find out which companies count on us for daily support of their activities.

Interested in our services? Feel free to contact us by filling in the form at the “Contact”-section. Afterwards, we can arrange an informal meeting to discuss the possibilities of our collaboration.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!